Gel Nail Extensions in Delhi are also called Gel Overlays or LED Gel Extensions. In this process, a thick transparent Gel is applied on your Natural or Artificial Nails. This Gel is dried and hardened using UV or LED lights.

Advantages Of Gel Nail Extensions:

  • Gel Extensions are very light in weight and hence very comfortable.
  • They look like Natural Nails.
  • Acts as a protection layer to your Natural Nails.
  • Free from Harsh Chemicals and Environment Friendly.

Disadvantages Of Gel Nail Extensions:

  • They are more expensive than Acrylic Extensions.
  • It cannot be done at Home as it required UV Light or LED Light for setting.
  • Not as Long Lasting as Acrylic Nails.
  • Removal is tough when compared with Acrylic Nail Extensions.

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