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It’s not just fashion, it’s art. Some may call it audacious, we read it confidence.

Pamper Nail Art Studio is your go-to nail salon for the best of your trendy nail designs.. We believe that every woman in the world deserves the best of pampering and care, therefore we particularly make them feel special and exclusive. Our friendly technicians at our nail salon are committed to making you feel comfortable during your appointment.

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Meet Ms Roshni Patel


Our Clients Say

Awesome work. I am one of their regular customer. They are amazing with their work. polite and calm. Very reasonable prices.
The salon is very pretty with a high attention to detail. The color choices are nice and they have plenty of gel colors for your Nail Designs. Very pleasant experience.
Best pedicure ever! The folks here are professional,
Careful & quiet. Wonderful, relaxing & peaceful- no harsh smells or loud noises
Shweta Sharma
Anjali Kapoor
Kanchan Kashyap
Best Nail Art

Most Popular Techniques Of Nail Art

It is the Most Common form of Nail Painting and also the easiest one. As the name suggests, Brush Painting is one using Synthetic Brushes with fine Bristles which come in various shapes and sizes. Usually Nail Paints come with Nail Brushes, but for higher accuracy one will require multiple types of brushes such as flat, angled, detailing etc.

In this technique, a base paint is applied first and then a pattern or design is stamped on top of it using a stamp plate. A transparent coating is often required to uneven the surface and getting glossy finish.

This Technique also requires the application of a Base Coat. Basically Tape is used to cover up areas which are required to be in Base Color Itself. After Application of next color our pattern, the tape is removed revealing the Base color which gives a distinct look.




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